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Yalm is an exciting new food hall showcasing some of the best independent chefs and kitchens from the region, across two floors. Offering all-day dining and drinking – it’s the perfect city centre spot to come and yalm with friends.

We have plenty of space and no bookings required, making this a perfect spot for dog lovers and their friends.

As per all listings on Dog Friendly Norfolk, we accept well behaved dogs.



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379 reviews
  • Alex Crisp
    Alex Crisp
    a month ago

    A great new addition to Norwich making the Arcade feel like it has some life to it again. Yalm has some amazing food to choose from here, with multiple food vendors allowing you to be spoiled for choice. From desserts, to tacos, to breakfast dishes to pizzas and more. The food tastes great, however service can take a while and there is usually a long wait for your food. Although, once arrived, it is definitely worth the wait. The food hall is also decorated in a really nice modernistic way and looks amazing. Highly recommend trying this spot out if you’re in Norwich.

  • Esther Plume
    Esther Plume
    a month ago

    Yalm is great - the staff are friendly, the food is delicious, there's enough background noise for it to feel nice, but I can still manage to hear the people at my table. The only issue is if you all order from different places - there were 3 of us, and my food came out about 5 minutes after one meeting had arrived and been eaten! It's not their fault, some good takes longer than others to cook etc, but it's worth bearing in mind! The apricot tea, iced mocha, nxxds rice bowl and rhubarb crumble ice cream, and black forest ice cream were all especially good this time!;

  • Keith Brandon
    Keith Brandon
    2 months ago

    Excellent meal in what was a busy restaurant. Meals came out quickly and we're piping hot. Really good, diverse menu that caters for a wide variety of tastes. Will certainly be trying something different on our next visit.

  • Patricia Phillips
    Patricia Phillips
    5 months ago

    My first time there with friends and family. My son's birthday. Live jazz band which was a nice addition to the lively atmosphere. Great food and service. Several different kitchens all under one roof in a large dining hall. Works well. I would go back. Dog friendly too. You can order your food and drinks via app on your phone directly from your table and the order is delivered to you there. Food may arrive at different times by the way if you have ordered from different kitchens as they are independent from each other.

  • John Primmer
    John Primmer
    4 weeks ago

    Great experience and good food. Relaxed atmosphere. Many varied kitchens all serving one seating area. Order via app. Brilliant

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