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Yalm is an exciting new food hall showcasing some of the best independent chefs and kitchens from the region, across two floors. Offering all-day dining and drinking – it’s the perfect city centre spot to come and yalm with friends.

We have plenty of space and no bookings required, making this a perfect spot for dog lovers and their friends.

As per all listings on Dog Friendly Norfolk, we accept well behaved dogs.



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505 reviews
  • Caitlin Ashdown
    Caitlin Ashdown
    a week ago

    We went to Yalm for dinner and breakfast, as we stayed in Norwich for a family gathering. The food was absolutely amazing and it was so easy to order as there was a lot of us. The online system of ordering if so simple to use and is easy for small and large groups of people. The food was so good I had the hot sushi rice with fried chicken. It wasn’t too spicy and wasn’t too plain, it was perfect. For breakfast I had crumpets and others in my family had a full English breakfast, all of the meals that were ordered came quickly and were all really good and were filling. The drinks were all very quick to come and the cocktails and mock tales were all really good. Each one was carefully made and the combinations of all of the flavours went really nicely within the drink. I had a berry mock tale. The desserts were also very good and they were good portion sizes. I felt that all of the meals at Yalm had very good portion sizes which is good as it is lovley and filling. Overall I give Yalm a five star review and recommend to anybody who if looking for a place to eat or drink at anytime of the day!!

  • The Coffee boy
    The Coffee boy
    in the last week

    Very nice place, finally something to look forward to when out in the city centre. Plenty of choice from all the open kitchens and very nice atmosphere 👌. Be aware that you won't have the privacy of a individual restaurant 😉 but, amazing if you like casual nights!! Definitely we'll give it another go

  • Ben
    2 months ago

    Recently revisited Yalm and had the pleasure of trying the new addition, The Diner by the Bodega. Despite the resemblance to Norwich's former Ed's Diner in branding with their red and white chequered flags and half of their name, that's where the similarities end. Delighted with the experience – I devoured a salt beef bagel drowned in an impressive amount of Big Mac sauce (equivalent to covering 25 Big Macs), while my partner enjoyed the Vegan Caesar Chicken sandwich, surprisingly indistinguishable from actual meat. Our friends raved about the off the bone menu they went for and loved their burgers. The stunning building, delicious food, and prompt service make it a triple win.

  • Emily
    a week ago

    I was pleasantly surprised by the food here. I had North African and my partner had mexican - our meals were really fresh and the cocktails were good. I'm not a fan of QR code service as it feels really impersonal and the atmosphere was a bit overwhelming - especially upstairs. But overall it was a great experience.

  • Ash Grey (Eating_Out_Norwich)

    I've wanted to try Yalm for a really long time and when The Bodega opened The Diner (insta - thediner_norwich) it felt like the perfect time to head down. I was not disappointed! Food - Yalm is at its heart a fancy food hall and offers a tonne of different options for small independent vendors, it's an ideal option for groups as there's something for everyone. I ate at The Diner which serves deli sandwiches, subs and bagels and the food was impeccable! I had a beef melt and my partner had a chicken and cheese sandwich, both were amazing and huge. We had to box up half and take it home. Other vendors offer things like ramen/noodles, African food, tacos, pizza etc etc. the lower level has a wine bar and a conveyor belt desert bar. All of the establishments inside look clean and tidy. Service - The wait staff are lovely and attentive, food was delivered swiftly and with a smile. You order your food through a QR code accessible menu and each person can order whatever they like from whichever vendor. They were happy to box the other halves of our sandwiches and were very happy to answer questions and direct us. At the end of the ordering process you can leave a note for the kitchen, I asked for no onion and they come through which is more than a lot of establishments I've tried have managed. Atmosphere - The upstairs area is loud and busy but beautifully decorated and overlooks The Royal Arcade, there is plenty of bench seating as well as a number of individual tables. The downstairs area by contrast is a calm space with comfortable seating, it's a more brightly lit space but as the day progresses they bring the lights down to a more ambient level. You are totally fine to have food brought down to the lower level and if you struggle with social situations I'd recommend waiting for a seat. Accessibility - The whole establishment is level access. Accessible toilets are available on both levels and there is a generous lift for people to get to the second floor, seating upstairs might be more tricky but there is room for a wheelchair if necessary, I'd sit downstairs as a preference though. Definitely head down if you get a chance, it's 100% worth it.

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