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The beach at Wells-next-the-sea is an awarding winning beach and popular among dog walkers.

Restrictions – Dogs are allowed on the beach at Wells all year round BUT there are some restrictions notably at the main entrance and near to the many beach huts that adorn the beach dogs are not allowed.

Dog owners are advised to enter the beach via the pinewood forested area to the left of the main entrance (this woodland area is itself a great place to walk).


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  • Rhys Adams
    Rhys Adams
    3 months ago

    Beautiful Place in the UK with plenty of parking and miles of beach. The beach huts are worth hiring if you’re planning a day on the sand and the local cafe and ice cream place is worth a visit. Couple of tips. Don’t fly your drone! Don’t forget to pay for parking and take your rubbish off the beach. Plenty of bins provided.

  • James Whatley - Gmail

    The beach is nice but if the car park is full, it's a long walk down in the heat. Ice creams are £5 🤯 and there was no swimming allowed due to 'water quality' (read: probable sewage dumping). Great sand for sandcastles, mind.

  • Laura Day
    Laura Day
    2 months ago

    Beautiful beach, soft sand, lovely beach huts. Popular though! Car park is well set out. There are newly installed wooden stairs to get to the beach from the carpark. Lots of signs to say the tide comes in fast, and goes a long way out, warning you not to get caught out. P.S. the sun does not rise or set on this beach.

  • Jaime Clemens
    Jaime Clemens
    3 months ago

    Lovely beach, manned well with the lifeguard stations. Clean and although busy, didn't feel overcrowded. The buses running from the beach to the town car park was super helpful with 2 tired children, and lovely driver. Still as nice as it was when we used to visit nearly 30 years ago

  • Mark Brook
    Mark Brook
    3 months ago

    This is absolutely beautiful! There is a large carpark but I expect this does get very busy and by lunch it was full! We went to the dog part of the beach and there are quite a few steps to that area. Our dog is old and can't walk far so we do have a pram for her. We would have no chance up the steps so we did cut across the normal part of the beach. The beach is clean, nice and sandy. It was great to see lifeguards stationed on the beach also and some always down by the water where people were swimming. be aware that the water is not as calm as it looks. The current is really really strong at times.

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