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The Merchant’s House – Norwich

7-9 Fye Bridge Street, Norwich, NR3 1LJ

This cafe serves coffee, fine ale, cocktails along with a great selection of toasties.  There’s a lovely courtyard out back hidden away too.

As per all listings on Dog Friendly Norfolk, we accept well behaved dogs.



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230 reviews
  • Mike Johnson (GunnerWho)

    Fantastic place. This was my first visit, the lemon cake was fantastic as was my latte. The atmosphere was friendly and warm. The whole ambiance of the place great. There is an art gallery attached which I didn't have time to visit. There are books and plenty of comfy seats and nice tables. The whole place is just top class. I cannot recommend highly enough.

  • iitsantoine
    2 months ago

    This place is lovely ! It is spacious, comfy and cosy. There's plenty of seating and the music is very relaxing. The decor itself is very pretty. I recommend going there, the coffee is very good and the staff are friendly, thank you!

  • Alex Lucaciu
    Alex Lucaciu
    in the last week

    The Merchant's House in Norwich holds a special place in my heart. I find myself here nearly every week, and it's more than just a coffee shop for me; it's a sanctuary of warmth and community. First and foremost, let's talk about the coffee. The dedicated team at The Merchant's House takes their craft seriously, and it's evident in every sip. Their coffee is a masterpiece, and I'm always in awe of the flavors they create. Their passion for brewing perfection shines through, and it's a delight to experience it with every visit. But what truly makes this place exceptional is the people – the incredible staff and the fellow patrons. I often come here to read my Bible, and during busy times, I find myself sharing tables with strangers who, like me, appreciate the sense of togetherness this place fosters. It's heartwarming to be a part of a community where people are so open and friendly. The ambiance of The Merchant's House is a testament to their creativity and attention to detail. The decor exudes warmth and character, making it the perfect backdrop for those quiet moments of reflection and connection. I also want to applaud the staff for their commitment to cleanliness and safety. It's reassuring to know that, even in the busiest of times, they maintain the highest standards to ensure a clean and comfortable environment for everyone. Lastly, the location is simply perfect. Nestled in the heart of Norwich, it's a convenient and inviting spot to recharge, reflect, and explore this beautiful city. To the remarkable team at The Merchant's House, your hard work, dedication, and welcoming spirit have created a haven for people like me. Thank you for making every visit a memorable experience. I look forward to many more weeks of coffee, community, and connection at this wonderful café.

  • Jaeger Hamilton
    Jaeger Hamilton
    2 weeks ago

    Really unprofessional attitude and poor treatment of their regular customers. Try booking a table for a group, confirmed in writing, even popped in to check the booking was good for next day, still “fine / ready”. Turn up on the day and we’re fobbed off and the staff don’t even care. After accepting an apology for that incident via dm’s on social media (they were nice about it tbf to them) I decided to occasionally go back and see how I felt. Second visit back I order a piece of coconut / raspberry cake and the staff member looks at the cake like I just said something bizarre she could barely understand… already I’m thinking “great, off to a good start here”, I finished my simple order of coffee and cake and then said “I’d be sitting in the courtyard” she then asked if I’d go out and come back and tell them my table number, I declined her request given that’s unnecessary and it’s a tiny courtyard. It didn’t go well after that, really unpleasant barista working there is all I’ll say. Anyway, sorry to be contrary to all the other kind and good reviews here, but I def would avoid this place. The staff are a shambles and really don’t seem to value, recognise or take care of their own regular customers. Genuinely p**s poor attitude to business.

  • Tommy Best
    Tommy Best
    a month ago

    Always friendly service and a buzzing atmosphere. The coffee is very tasty and fairly priced, especially the student discount on filter coffee. A good place for meeting up, and foreign language groups happen throughout the week.

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