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  • Ash Grey (Eating_Out_Norwich)

    The Cuppie Hut is awesome! I put off going in for a while because I thought they only sold cupcakes but when I realised they sold a range of cakes I was there! (I eat too much cake). The cakes themselves are really good, well made, light on the sponge mix, dense with the brownies and rich with the rocky road. The staff are lovely, happy to help and patient while you look in the counter. They have limited seating but it overlooks a nice shaded street aka st Giles. I head back roughly once a week, definitely worth a try.

  • Gemma K
    Gemma K
    4 months ago

    The BEST cake shop in Norwich, hands down. Literally the most perfect texture chocolate brownies I've ever had. Their Red Velvet cake is simply incredible. An absolute MUST visit. You won't regret it! GO!!

  • TFT
    4 weeks ago

    I couldn’t walk past this place without popping in. The Vegan Biscoff Christmas Pudding was a soft, crumbly, festive delight!

  • hoda sepehrara
    hoda sepehrara
    4 months ago

    Just to say thank you SO much for the cupcakes. Not only did they look amazing but they also tasted so good. It really made my little girls birthday so thank you so much!

  • Fran Hammond
    Fran Hammond
    5 months ago

    I have been searching for a place to get a coke float in norwich for FIVE YEARS! and finally I have found the cuppie hut. the jubilation I felt when I saw the big sign that said 'coke float' was magic. not only that, but their cake selection is amazing too. thank you cuppie hut for ending my five year search and makin some top quality baked goods too xxx legendary

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