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The Cellar House in Eaton, Norwich has always been a welcoming pub with a good local reputation. The Cellar House welcomes families, those of the LGBTQ+ community, and dogs with well-behaved owners.

When you bring your four legged friend to our pub we also offer a dog menu, filled with treats.

As per all listings on Dog Friendly Norfolk, we accept well behaved dogs.



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500 reviews
  • Douglas Freeman
    Douglas Freeman
    3 months ago

    Lovely local pub. Service brilliant and the food amazing. The Beef Rib was on of the best I’ve have. Thanks Chef

  • Kyle Meyers
    Kyle Meyers
    a month ago

    The Cellar House near Eaton Garden in Norwich is a true gem, offering a haven for food, drinks, and a delightful cup of coffee, especially on chilly winter evenings. Despite not being a local, this spot has earned a permanent place on my must-visit list when in Norwich. The welcoming atmosphere, sense of community, and cost-effective options make it a standout choice. Even during a brief visit of under an hour, my partner and I cherished the experience – a worthwhile break indeed.

  • Alex Florance
    Alex Florance
    2 months ago

    Disappointed. I went for a Sunday roast and was very much let down. 1. The servers weren’t friendly at all- there was no table check at any point, and it seemed like they were purposefully avoiding us after the cocktail change (see below) 2. Cocktails tasted like they had no alcohol in (the homemade ones!!) 3. Nut roast was horrifically dry and devoid of almost any flavour at all 4. None of the trimmings were particularly good- all bland, roasties not crispy, parsnips were somehow soggy yet slightly undercooked, and carrots did not taste particularly fresh 5. Cauliflower cheese sauce tasted like it was from a bottle/ jar 6. They served POWDERED MASHED POTATOES and had the cheek to charge £3 extra for the privilege. It was so clearly powdered- it wasn’t even like they tried to bulk out normal potatoes with powdered, it was disgusting (even by smash standards!) The atmosphere was decent, it’s a nice building, there’s a good selection of drinks, and they did change a cocktail when we said the first one wasn’t nice, without fuss. Unfortunately the second one was no better! I’ve been a few times for just drinks, but after this experience I won’t even go back for drinks, let alone food! The only reason I gave it 2 stars was because it was actually edible.

  • sally white
    sally white
    3 weeks ago

    Ordered the gammon & eggs. Gammon was very over seasoned so much pepper on everything I couldn’t eat gammon or mushroom. Gammon was way overcooked and difficult to cut into. I mentioned the above to staff who were not interested. I took Gammon home to give to dogs. Expensive dog food. I have pictures if anybody is interested.

  • Adam Pracy
    Adam Pracy
    5 months ago

    I was staying in Norwich and this looked like a nice pub from the outside. I'd never visited this establishment before but heard good things about the food from all the way down in Somerset! Whilst visiting friends I decided to try it. Unfortunately the overtly over the top and flirty bar "person" didn't make a good impression. Completely unnecessary flirty behaviour and lewd comments towards the customers is unacceptable and offensive behaviour which made me and my whole party feel unnecessarily uncomfortable. The food was good, however the very unprofessional behaviour of the member of staff that served me, means I will not to be returning.

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