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This is a great beach for dog walking.  You can walk along the beach or the cliffs but be aware that there’s been recent regression and loss of the cliffs in recent years so caution is required.

No restrictions! – Another of the rare beaches in Norfolk where you can walk your dog all year round.


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  • Nigel Keeping
    Nigel Keeping
    4 months ago

    Very nice sandy beach good for dog walking £1.50 for first hour £2.70 for two hours Very clean toilets

  • Sunil Phirke
    Sunil Phirke
    4 months ago

    Decent size of beach, speciality Hapisburg Time and Tide Bell,it rangs when high tide started that's great to see even if u can interested in formation of rock n earth layers of different parts of soil n rocks,I found flint rock having iron content, definitely such rocks been used arrow heads or spears in million years ago

  • Tracy Watkins
    Tracy Watkins
    8 months ago

    Lovely beach. Great for the doggies. You can really see the coastal erosion here as it is so bad. Amenities include a car park, kids play area with zip wire and toilets right next to the lighthouse. A slope to walk down to access the beach.

  • Sandra Jarvis
    Sandra Jarvis
    5 months ago

    Fantastic for children. Brilliant play area and the sea was great for children to paddle. A great community space

  • Debora Grazioli
    Debora Grazioli
    12 months ago

    Beautiful and lovely beach! I have been with my dogs and there is a nice walk to do, the parking is a bit small. The landscape is very beautiful, perfect for a Sunday walk

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