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This is a great beach for dog walking.  You can walk along the beach or the cliffs but be aware that there’s been recent regression and loss of the cliffs in recent years so caution is required.

No restrictions! – Another of the rare beaches in Norfolk where you can walk your dog all year round.


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  • Debora Grazioli
    Debora Grazioli
    a year ago

    Beautiful and lovely beach! I have been with my dogs and there is a nice walk to do, the parking is a bit small. The landscape is very beautiful, perfect for a Sunday walk

  • Maz Packer
    Maz Packer
    a month ago

    Happisburgh beach is closed, can no longer go on beach as way down has disappeared into sea. Such shame as we enjoyed taking dog on beach. Can see shutting carpark and facilities too. We were here six months ago and now you can see the speed at which the erosion has happened!

  • Tracy Watkins
    Tracy Watkins
    a year ago

    Lovely beach. Great for the doggies. You can really see the coastal erosion here as it is so bad. Amenities include a car park, kids play area with zip wire and toilets right next to the lighthouse. A slope to walk down to access the beach.

  • Jules Melvin
    Jules Melvin
    a year ago

    Perfect Coastal Walk. I took my pup here to visit the beach for the first time. Lovely walk with some great views looking inland and out to sea. A very aesthetically pleasing lighthouse decorates the landscape ⛵

  • Jay D
    Jay D
    2 weeks ago

    So the beach is lovely at low tide, watch when the water comea in as the sand bars are surrounded by small gullies that quickly fill with water... Although not deep it will mean wet feet to get back to the high tide line. The car park has a slope down to the beach which is slippery in most conditions due to the water coming out of the farm fields, watch your footing. The car park, if it's still open, has a play grounds that awesome for kids, and adults, toilets which are well kept and normally an ice cream truck. However... I doubt this will be open much longer as the access road has a bare three meters of room left before it slips into the sea. Maybe another winter season as of summer 2024... So see it before it goes. See my map overlay picture from 1940-2024 showing the loss of land and houses... Makes ya think! Fossils are not easy to find, one from a hours searching but people have found Mammoth teeth here recently. Also it's a site of interest for early human relics... Footprints from 800,000 years ago and flint tools have been found. Foot prints, like so much else, now lost to the sea. Two-three hour walk along the beach to the Gap and RNLI ststaion and back again. Cafe there is not open mid week!!

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