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Restrictions apply 1st May to 30th September – No dogs are allowed on the beach between the Britannia and Wellington piers at this time. You can though freely walk your dog north of the Britannia pier and south of the Wellington pier. Dogs must be kept on a lead walking between the piers via the promenade.

Outside of the summer season months, there are no restrictions for what part of the beach dogs can walk on.


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  • Pavan Kumar KP
    Pavan Kumar KP
    7 months ago

    It was a wonderful experience being at Great Yarmouth. This place has multiple beaches and we have been to "Pleasure Beach" and it's a really good pleasure to be visiting this beach. The place is very lively and you have a lot of things to do. For example Casinos, Train Ride, Horse Ride, street food, local shopping, Marine Drive....,1 day is really not sufficient to visit completely. I recommend you to have at least a 2 day plan if you visit Great Yarmouth. The only problem is to find the car PARKING. We had a really tough time finding the car parking and after a lot of searching we found some place and it was very expressive. For a full day it's about 31 Pounds and it's very huge...

  • David Kenton
    David Kenton
    11 months ago

    Having been here since I was a child and I have to say I was surprised with how good it is. The beach is in pretty good shape and it's huge so loads of room for this time of year (April). Loads down the sea front with fairs and arcades, shops, chips (proper seaside chips) and cakes, ice cream etc. The fairs are a blast especially for kids and there is about 4 of them not just the main pleasure beach. There was a model village too, which we didn't visit in the end. All in all it was an easy day out visit the shops then onto the beach, chips, ice cream. Big smiles. I also flew a kite which at 37 was a first for me... Was totally sweet!

  • Tomomi Dokiya
    Tomomi Dokiya
    7 months ago

    Great day out with children. Lots to do from fan fair, crazy golf, horse carriage ride, donkey ride to sun bathing at a nice sandy beach. We didn't have time to go but the recently built leisure centre with water slides looked great. There were relatively many public toilets along the parade. Getting a parking space may need a patient but people are always moving in and out and found a space not too long. Neighbouring beaches are also great to visit, too.

  • Dave London
    Dave London
    a year ago

    Even though it was the middle of February and pretty chilly, we still love Great Yarmouth ♥ it's a lovely place for a winters stroll along the beach, and good to see its still very clean and well looked after. Nice to see the money being invested along the front also. Many places were closed when we were there obviously...but that in turn reduces the people and at times we pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves! Lovely to see the lights were left on at night so even though it was very quiet it looked pretty in the dark too.

  • Paul Roberts
    Paul Roberts
    5 months ago

    Nice long beach. The whole place was very clean but I did go in October so wasn't that busy. A lot of attractions where closed only opened at weekends before the season finishes but there's still plenty to do without the crowds,Tony's chippy had the best fish I've had in a long while plus its £4 cheaper than Harry Ramsden.

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