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Restrictions apply 1st May to 30th September – No dogs are allowed on the main tourist sections of the beach opposite the promenade but if you head south past the tennis courts, this area is fine to walk your dog on the beach. On the promenade dogs must be kept on a lead.

Outside of the summer season months, there are no restrictions for what part of the beach dogs can walk on.


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  • Jon Bowley
    Jon Bowley
    a week ago

    I heard that this beach is quite quiet compared to the other beaches in Great Yarmouth so we decided to give it a try as we wanted to take our young toddlers to the beach for the first time. Really lovely beach and has a few shops and cafes spotted around, however we were there quite early on a Monday so not sure if more open later on / over the weekend. We also managed to find the Banksy art piece which was a nice surprise! Always wanted to see a Banksy art piece up close! Also there is another art piece that is dedicated to the film ‘Yesterday’ which I saw a few years back and had no idea that the end scene was shot here which was pretty cool to see being a film geek. There’s loads of car park choices and we choose the Pier parking which is £3 for 2 hours and can be sorted using the internet / QR code, so if you’re out and about and want more time you can just extend the time if needs be. Overall great beach if you’re looking for somewhere ‘less hectic’ seaside wise.

  • Roxana P
    Roxana P
    10 months ago

    Wonderful place to sunbathe, enjoy a refreshing swim as the water doesn't retreat as much compared to other beaches. Really great spot since it's close to many restaurants, pubs, shops, parking, etc. The water is very clean, a bit cold even when temps are above 25 degrees on full sunny days. The overall beach is amazing, it's very sandy, however it is very rocky and has a lot of small stones/ pebbles closer to the water.

  • Soum ghosal
    Soum ghosal
    2 months ago

    Amazing beach………. However dogs are not allowed 1st May to 30th September! Only on the promenade! Wish I had known this before booking a beach holiday break for my dog! Not dog friendly!

  • Tim Husain
    Tim Husain
    5 months ago

    Stunning beach, absolutely huge area of soft golden sand. Lovely for a winter walk. There's also a promenade alongside. Various cafes along beach.

  • Adrian Stefan Iancu
    Adrian Stefan Iancu
    10 months ago

    Superb beach and surroundings. Loads of stuff to do, from walking, sun bathing or even staying with your little one at the splash zone. Great choice of restaurants and bars to enjoy throughout the area. Loads of parking available at the pier parking. The beach is very sandy, however when getting closer to the water-line it gets a bit rocky and has loads of pebbles and stones. If you are a bit more sensitive when walking on rocky/pebbles, definitely recommend getting some water shoes. Water is quite wavy but at the same time it is lovely. It is a bit cold, even when outside there's 26 degrees for 2 straight days.

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