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Dunes Riverside Cafe – Acle

Acle Bridge, Acle, Norwich, NR13 3AT

Dunes riverside cafe offers indoor and outdoor seating we also have an outside hut for dining to watch the boats go by. Free parking!
At dunes river cafe we sell poochs, duck feed and supply water and water bowls.
We have a small convenience store for all your needs.

Note: This venue commonly closes over the winter to check before you visit.

As per all listings on Dog Friendly Norfolk, we accept well behaved dogs.



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41 reviews
  • denise metcalfe
    denise metcalfe
    a month ago

    We popped in here for breakfast.It was freezing cold,yes it was a miserable day but all they had was one blow heater.We ordered the breakfast which was way overpriced.The plates were cold along with the food,we should have sent it back but couldn't wait to get out of there,apart from the waitress they were to busy discussing their holidays with another couple, ignoring the other customers,shame as it sits by the river and could be a little gem.

  • Shelley Nicholson
    Shelley Nicholson
    8 months ago

    Very overpriced compared to other cafes nearby. The biggest issue I have is the total incompetence of the chef. Please don’t come here if you have plans for the rest of the day - it took over an hour to get a bacon roll! I kid you not. I believe they are only able to cook using a small candle given the time it takes. Absolute joke. I ordered breakfast but TBH it’s more likely to be lunch after all the time I have been waiting!

  • Maria Jennings
    Maria Jennings
    9 months ago

    Mixed review here. I can’t lie, when I was confronted with the “owner”, I wanted to leave immediately. He made me feel so uncomfortable and walked around as if he was better than everyone. If my mother hadn’t of already paid for our breakfast, I would have left and gone to McDonalds. Of which, I would of had better service… Anyway, I can’t say the same for the staff, because they were lovely and really helpful. We had to wait quite a while for our breakfast, which they did warn us about. So, I wasn’t too bothered. Then a young chap, then gave us complimentary drinks while we were waiting. Which was obviously very nice. I think considering the older man made me feel that uncomfortable, that I had to go outside to sort myself out, maybe he would be better off letting the staff take care of it all… Oh, and you need to serve your full English breakfast with beans. And maybe swap the fresh tomatoes for plum tomatoes? Or at least give customers a choice. Also, my fried egg wasn’t cooked. Again, perhaps give customers a choice of different eggs such as; scrambled, poached or fried. And the place is full of Karen’s that need to mind their own business. And the old man needs to stay at home

  • Chairman of the Bored
    Chairman of the Bored
    11 months ago

    Tasty drinks, huge sweet treats and a lovely view of the river. What else do you need?

  • K Hau
    K Hau
    11 months ago

    My recent trip to Dunes was a total disaster, as the owner's attitude ruined everything. This review is meant to share my negative experience with the owner of Dunes, who owns both Dunes Acle and Waxham. When my dog needed to go in the outdoor parking area, I responsibly cleaned up after him. I asked a staff member where to toss it, and they pointed me to a bin, which I double-checked with them. Even though it looked like a regular restaurant bin, they assured me it was fine. But then, out of nowhere, the owner Mrs Shiggins, stormed in all rude. She demanded I take the bag out of the bin, completely ignoring what their own staff member said. I tried explaining, but she wouldn't listen. She insisted I take the bag out of the bin. Later, I found out the staff member falsely claimed I kept asking where to put it, which was untrue, I only asked once and sough clarity! I used to visit Dunes at least once a month. However, given the owner's behaviour, I can no longer endorse Dunes in Waxham or Acle. If you're searching for a cafe that values treating customers with respect and fairness, I suggest exploring other options to avoid encountering similar unpleasant experiences.

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