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A relatively quiet beach that’s popular with dog walkers.

No Restrictions – You can freely walk your dog on this beach all year round.


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  • Chelsea Wilkinson
    Chelsea Wilkinson
    a week ago

    Lovely quiet and dog friendly beach, its quite stoney and on a slant in places so not the easiest to walk on. The water is quite deep close to the shore so my dog enjoys a swim but isn't miles out. Only downside here is the palm oil warnings around which is quite scary for taking dogs there!

  • Mr Bukaroo
    Mr Bukaroo
    a year ago

    Firstly the negatives. Parking is cash only and doesn’t give any change, in this day and age can’t believe you can’t pay by card either by ringing a number or via the machine. A few people just left as they didn’t have any change. Car park itself is decent size sadly the toilets were closed, there is some public toilets on high street a short walk away if you need them. The positives, beach itself was wonderful we went at around 12pm on a Monday (kids were at school) and beach was pretty much deserted. Big stretch of sandy beach for the dogs to run on and we ended up walking to California and back. Seen other comments regarding dog poo everywhere but can’t say I saw much at all maybe a couple in two hours walking. We had a seal follow us in the sea which was great to see. When we got back to the car walked up to the brilliant fish and chip shop (yes that’s its name) and had a decent fish and chip lunch on the beach. Can’t say what it’s like in high season but for us it was a nice way to spend the afternoon just shame about the car park.

  • Paul Roberts
    Paul Roberts
    11 months ago

    There's nothing there at all. A few acade shops couple of chippys and a hotel. The only thing good is if you've got children who like playing on the sand then you'll save money. One thing that stands out was the public toilets,absolutely clean.

  • Tony Hockey
    Tony Hockey
    2 weeks ago

    An amazing beach with lots of space... dogs are allowed on the beach so be mindful if you have children... Visit caister lifeboat

  • Roberta Knight
    Roberta Knight
    2 months ago

    Love this area totally. Peaceful, clean even after the people have gone. They take their rubbish with them. Also we enjoy watching the seals

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